Fest Grids by Swag - Jazz Fest 2003 - 2nd Weekend

First Weekend Fairgrounds: Thurs. April 24 - Fri. April 25 - Sat. April 26 - Sun. April 27
Second Weekend Fairgrounds: Thurs. May 1 - Fri. May 2 - Sat. May 3 - Sun. May 4
Plus: Allison Miner Stage (interviews) - Evening Concert Schedules - Kids' Tent

And nightlife around town (The Grids):  1st Weekend - Daze Between - 2nd Weekend - Before and After - In Store Performances

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SECOND WEEKEND THU 5/01 FRI 5/02 SAT 5/03 SUN 5/04
Audubon Zoo    Zoo-To-Do benefit: KC & the Sunshine Band
$110 to $195+
Bally's Casino       Morris Day & the Time (8:30, 11:00) Mother Blues (7-10p)   
Blue Nile Improvisational Arts Council (7:30p)
Mean Willie Green & the Green Machine (10:30)
Fredy Omar con su Banda (10:30p) Morning 40 Federation (11p) Milonga Tango (7:30p)
Blue Nile (late nite) Tin Men (fri 2 am)   American Jamstand (Robert Walter, Mike Clark, George Porter, David Fiuczynski, Topaz, Jim Payne, Sam Kinninger) (sat 2 am)
Onsale @ jambasetickets.com
Freaky Funk Fest (Mike Dillon, Jonathan Freilich, Skerik) plus Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (sun 2:30 am)    Gas Tank Experiment (mon 2 am)
Café Brasil Cabaret Diosa, Greyhounds (10:30p) Melvin Sparks Band (10:30p), Rebirth Brass Band (12:30a), Fuzz (3a), Youngblood Brass Band (between sets)
one ticket for all
Onsale @ jambasetickets.com
Tea Leaf Green (10:30p), New Monsoon (1a), Garaj Mahal (3:30a), Youngblood Brass Band (between sets)
one ticket for all
Onsale @ jambasetickets.com
Almighty Senators (10:30p), Vinyl (12a), Walter "Wolfman" Washington (3a), Youngblood Brass Band (between sets)
one ticket for all
Onsale @ jambasetickets.com
Cafe Negril    Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers (10p) Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers (10p)   
Cafe Negril (late nite)         Otra w/ Derek Douget (sun 2-5 am)     
Café Sbisa Earl Brown (7p) Earl Brown (7p) Earl Brown (7p) Earl Brown (7p)
Cajun Queen Riverboat Particle, Hot 8 Brass Band (9:30p) Keller Williams, Hot 8 Brass Band (9:30p)
   Disco Biscuits, Hot 8 Brass Band (9:30p)
Carrollton Station Woodenhead w/ Bonerama Horns, Lil Queenie (10p) Tom's House, Dr. A Go Go (10p) Irene Sage, Proud Marys (10p) Continental Drifters
Ceasars Place (Gretna)          Little Milton Revue (7:30p)
CheckPoint Charlie
37 plus Mayfair (9p) Dirty Mouth, Fat Cock and Snake Oiler (9p) Outlaw Order, Rat in a Bucket, Cancer Patient (9p) Podank String Band, Slim Nelson Trio (9p)
CheckPoint Charlie (late nite)       Broken Grass (mon 2:30 am)
Check Your Bucket   Eddie Bo (8p) Eddie Bo (8p)  
Circle Bar Sugarman 3 w/ Lee Fields (10:30p-1a) Classie Ballou Family (10:30p) Classie Ballou Family (10:30p) Glen Styler (10:30p)
Contemporary Arts Center Parker, Schlippenbach, & Lytton (9p) The Blind Boys of Alabama, John Hammond (10p)
onsale @ ticketweb.com
Los Lobos, Ammamereso Agofomma Folkloric Troupe (10p)
onsale @ ticketweb.com
d.b.a. 007 (10p) Hot Club of New Orleans (10p) Dave Pirner (10p) Coco Robicheaux & The Fessters (10p)
Delta Blues Grill    Johnny Sansone (10p) J. Monque'D Blues Band (10p)   
The Dock
Onsale now @ thedockno.com
   The Iguanas (10p) The Radiators (10p)   
Donna's   Evan Christopher & Tom McDermott (10:30p)    Treme Brass Band (8:30p)
Big Chief Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias (12a)
Mama Digdawn Brass Band (8:30p)
Leroy Jones Quintet (11:30p)
Shannon Powell Quartet (9:30p)
Dos Jefes Uptown Cigar Bar Los Tres Amigos (9:30p) Rickie Castrillo & Dreamland (10p) Sunpie Barnes (10p) Leroy Jones  (9:30p)
Dragons Den Glenys Rogers (10:30p) Have Soul Will Travel (10:30p) Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys (10:30p) Los Vecinos (10:30p)
El Matador    The Stumpknocckers (8p)
Alianza Flamenca (8p)
Warren Battiste & Friends (7p)
Cabaret Diosa (10p)
Funky Butt Evan Howard (7:30p)
Fuzz (10p & 12a)
James Westfall (7:30p)
Monk Boudreauz & The Bayou Renegades (10p & 12a)
Devin Philips (7:30p)
David "Fathead" Newman (10p & 12a)
Evan Howard (7:30p)
 Irvin Mayfield (9 & 11p)
Funky Butt (late nite) The Motet (fri 2 am)  Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe (sat 1 am) Ricky Sebastian's All Night Jazz Jam (sun 2 am)   
Funky Pirate
Big Al Carson & The Blues Masters (9p-1a) Big Al Carson & The Blues Masters (9p-1a) Big Al Carson & The Blues Masters (9p-1a) Shaka & the Swamp Tones (8:30p - 12:30a)
The Hanger The Benjy Davis Project        
Hi-Ho Lounge       Complicated Math Problems, Frigg A-Go-Go (10p)   
House of Blues (daytime)           Gospel Brunch w/ Marva Wright Mahalia Jackson Tribute
(9:30a & 11:45a & 2:00p)
House of Blues
Onsale now
Steve Winwood (8p)
Gomez (8p) La Noche Latina: Carlos Vives y la provincia Almas (8p) Kenny Wayne Shepard (9p)
House of Blues (late nite)
Onsale now
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (fri 2am) Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (sat 2am)
Keller Williams (sun 2am)   
House of Blues - Parish
Onsale now
Marcia Ball (10p) Los Hombres Calientes (9p) Sonny Landreth, Kaki King (9p)   
House of Blues - Parish(late nite)
Onsale now
Mofro, Topaz (fri 2am) Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra (sat 1 am) Spearhead, Robert Walter's 20th Congress (sun 1 am)     
Howlin' Wolf
Onsale now @ ticketweb.com
Headhunters (10pm)
Forgotten Souls Brass Band, Zigaboo Modeliste
   Michael Franti & Spearhead, Tre Hardson (10p)
Also onsale at sunsettickets.com
Bayou Rendezvous:  DJ Logic, Eric Krasno, Joe Russo, Justin Wallace, Marco Beneveto, Sam Kininger, Brian Jordan, Carlos Washington, Cecil P-Nut Daniels, Dale Fanning, Fareed Haque, Jessica Lurie, Kai Eckhardt, Robert Walter
Dillon / Skerik vs Benevento / Russo Duo (9p)
Jurassic 5, Scratchmosis (10p)
Also onsale at sunsettickets.com
Howlin' Wolf (late nite)
Onsale now @ ticketweb.com
Private Party Blackalicious (sat 2am)
Also onsale at sunsettickets.com

Vinyl (sat 5 am)

Buckethead's Cajun Fried Recipe (Buckethead, Rob Wasserman, Mike Clark)
Buckethead (solo) (sun 1:45 am)

Particle (sun 5 am)

Zigaboo's Funk Revue (Nick Daniels, Camile Baudoin, Renard Poche, David Torkanowsky, Eric Truab, Mark Mullins, Antonio Gambrell, Chris Rossbach) (mon 2am)

Tea Leaf Green (mon 5 am)
Jazz National Park Jazz Along the Mississippi (3-4pm) free Jimminy Crickets: the Cliff Edwards Story (3-4pm) free Navy Big Band (2-3pm) free Navy Big Band (2-3pm) free
Jimmy's Club
onsale now @ jimmysmusicclub.com
   Sonny Landreth w/ Anders Osborne + Chris Chew + Doug Balote plus Monk Boudreaux and the Golden Eagle Mardis Gras Indians  (10p)    Dark Star Orchestra (10p) Nicholas Payton & Sonic Trance (10p)   
Jimmy's Club (late nite) Global Funk Council (fri 2 am)
same ticket as early show
Garaj Mahal, Motet (sat 1:30 am)   Cut Chemist plus DJ Motion Potion, DJ Soul Sister, NappyG (mon 2 am)
Le Bon Temps Roule Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots (10p) free The Revealers (10p) Joe Krown Organ Combo (10p)    Soul Rebels (10p)
Lion's Den Irma Thomas (10p) Irma Thomas (10p) Irma Thomas (10p) Irma Thomas (10p)
Loft 523 Los Vecinos (10p) Rob Wagner Trio (6-9p)      
Lounge Lizards Irene Sage Band (10p) Washboard Chaz Trio (5p)
New Orleans Klezmer Allstars (10p)
Invisible Cowboy (10p)  
Mama's Blues
onsale @
ticketweb.com and
Lush (Dale Fanning, Jessica Lurie, Brad Houser, Grant Green Jr, Bernie Worrel, Reggie Watts) plus  Will Bernard w/ Benevento Russo   (9p) Bernie's Allstar Funksters (Bernie Worrell, Leo Nocentelli, Will Calhoun, Doug Winbush) plus Goat Speak (9p) Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), All Mighty Senators, Louqe (9p) Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors, Global Funk Council (9p)
Mama's Blues (late nite)
onsale now @
ticketweb.com and
Garaj Mahal & Friends, New Monsoon (fri 2-6 am) Willie Waldman Project, P-Nut & Friends (sat 2-6 am) Zuvuya, Goat Speak, Cabaret Diosa (sun 2-8 am)    Mitch Stein's Groove Division (Mitch Stein, Jeff Pevar, JV Collier, Mike Clark)  (mon 2-6 am)
Maple Leaf New Orleans Juice (10:30p) Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen (10p)   Bonerama, Walter 'Wolfman' Washington (10:30p) Stanton Moore, Thersea Andersson, John Mooney (9p)
Maple Leaf (late nite) Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Sugarman Three (fri 2am)
  Johnny Vidacovich Meets Jacob Fred (sat 3 am)   Vinyl Brian Seegar& Rich Vogel & Ben Ellman & Johnny Vidacovich (mon 3 am)
Margaritaville Cafe (early)
Jeannie Breazle (3p) Washboard Chaz Blues Trio (3-6) Kenny Holladay (3p) Slick Wilson (3p)
Margaritaville Cafe
   Lynn Drury (6p)
Joe Bennett (9p)
   Mr. Manny (6p)
Rockie Charles (9p)
Irving Bannister's All-stars (6p)
Joe Bennett (9p)
Irving Bannister’s All-Stars (6p)
Joe Bennett (9p)
Margaritaville - Main Stage           
Mermaid Lounge Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen (10p) Li'l Band O' Gold (10p) Henry Butler's Funk Band (10p) ReBirth Brass Band, Myself (10p)
Mermaid Lounge (late nite) DJ Logic (fri 1am) DJ Logic (sat 1am) DJ Logic (sun 1am) DJ Logic (mon 1am)
Municipal Auditorium
Onsale @ Ticketmaster
      North Mississippi Allstars, Widespread Panic (8:30p)
 India.Arie and Musiq (9p)   
O'Flahertys    Katie Smith (5p)
Danny O'Flaherty (8p)
Jeff Phillips (5p)
Danny O'Flaherty (Ballad Room 8p)
Ceili (9p)
Jeff Phillips (8p)
Spencer Bohren (Ballad Room 8p)
Old Point Bar Velour Allstars (Neal Evans, Adam Deitch, Sam Kininger), Kaki King (9:30p)       Melvin Sparks Band, David Fiuczynski's KiF, Jim Payne's Hop, Swayback (10p)   
Old Point Bar (late nite) Melvin Sparks Band, David Fiuczynski's KiF, Jim Payne's Hop, Swayback (fri 12:30 am)   All Mighty Senators, Melvin Sparks Band, David Fiuczynski's KiF, Jim Payne's Hop (midnite)  
Orpheum Theater (workshop)     African Rhythms: Angelique Kidjo of Benin Ammamereso Agofomma Folkloric Troupe of Kumasi, Ghana (10a) free      
Orpheum Theater
Onsale @Ticketmaster
      moe, Umphrey's McGee  (10p) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Particle (10p) funky Meters, Jon Cleary (10p)
Palm Court Jazz Cafe Crescent City Joymakers (8p)      
Polynesian Joe's Big Tree, Greenhouse w/ Michael Ray (10p) Signal Path (12a)    Organ, Drums + Hope (Hope Clayburn with the Russo Benevento Duo) (12a)
Preservation Hall John Bronious & Preservation Hall Jazz Band (8:30p-12a) Leroy Jones & Preservation Hall Jazz Band (8:30p-12a) Wendell Brunious & Preservation Hall Jazz Band (8:30p-12a) Harold Duke Dejan's Olympia Brass Band (8:30p-12a)
Redeemer Presbyterian Church    New Orleans Local Jazz Giants Jam (Rebecca Barry, Bruce Elsensohn, Bill Huntington, Ed Livingston & guests) (8p)
Onsale @ jambasetickets.com
Rivershack Tavern       Paula and the Pontiacs (10:30p)   
Rock 'n' Bowl
onsale @ ticketweb.com
Ponderosa Stomp:
Clarence Frogman Henry plus Herbert Hardesty & Earl Palmer & Ernest McLean & Salvador Doucette & Chuck Badie plus Eddie Bo plus Harold Battiste & Chuck Badie & Tammy Lynn & John Boudreau & Charlie Miller plus Gatemouth Moore & Calvin Newborn plus Warren Storm & Phil Phillips & Tommy McLain & T.K Hulin & Johnny Allen & Rod Bernard & Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins & John Fred & C.C. Adcock plus Joe "Guitar" Hughes plus Rockie Charles plus Tom Worrell & Sheba Kimbrough plus Sun Ra Arkestraplus Little Freddie King plus Carol Fran plus Sam the Sham
Onsale @ knightsmaumau.com
   Sonny Landreth, Tab Benoit (9p)    John Mooney, Rockin Dopsie (9p) Sonny Landreth, Rosie Ledet (9p)
Rock 'n' Bowl - Bowl Me Under Café
onsale @ ticketweb.com
Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas, Geno Delafose Terrence Simien, Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots (9p)   Iguanas, Rebirth Brass Band (9p)    Snooks Eaglin, Eddie Bo, Anders Osborne w/Monk Boudreaux (9p)
Rosy's Jazz Hall    Papa Grows Funk, Theresa Andersson (9p)
Onsale @ mysticalmermaids.com
   Fuzz (feat. members of Deep Banana Blackout) (9p)
Onsale @ mysticalmermaids.com
Jollyhouse (9p)
Onsale @ mysticalmermaids.com
Saenger Theater
Onsale now @ Ticketmaster
     Gov't Mule (10p)
Seaport Jeremy Lyons & The Deltabilly Boys (9p-1a) Panorama Jazz Band (9p-1a) Panorama Jazz Band (9p-1a) The Dixie Trio (8p-12a)
Shim Sham Club New Orleans Jazz Music Review (7p) Boy Sets Fire, Hope Conspiracy, Vaux, When Dreams Become Nightmares (7p)
onsale @ ticketweb.com
   Shim Sham Revue w/ Becky Allen & Ingrid Lucia (8p & 10p)
onsale @ ticketweb.com
Shim Sham Club (late nite)    Melvin Sparks Band, Drums and Tub (sat 2 am)    Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, DJ Kenetic (mon 2 am)
Snug Harbor
Onsale (504) 949-0696
Allen Toussaint (9 & 11p) Nicholas Payton & Sonic Trance (9 & 11p) Ellis Marsalis Trio (9 & 11p)     Astral Project (9 & 11p)
Spellcaster Lodge Adult, Magas, Vicki        
Spotted Cat (early)    Panorama Jazz Trio (6:30p) Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys (6:30-10p)    Washboard Chaz Blues Trio (6:30-9:30)    Jerry Jumonville (6:30)
Spotted Cat Royal Rounders (10p) New Orleans Jazz Vipers (10p) Christian Winter (10p)  Rob Block (10p)  
Spotted Cat (late nite)       The Tin Men (sat 2-5 am)      
State Palace Theater
Onsale @ Ticketmaster
      Galactic, Jack Johnson (10p)
Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, Ween (10p)   
State Palace Theater - Core Room         Progression Sessions 7.0 feat. LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad, makoto (11p)   
Steamboat Natchez (early)    Duke Heitger & the Steamboat Stompers (11:30a & 2:30p)    Duke Heitger & the Steamboat Stompers (11:30a & 2:30p)    Duke Heitger & the Steamboat Stompers (11:30a & 2:30p)    Duke Heitger & the Steamboat Stompers (11:30a & 2:30p)
Steamboat Natchez   Dinner Cruise: Dukes of Dixieland (7p)   Dinner Cruise: Dukes of Dixieland (7p)   Dinner Cruise: Dukes of Dixieland (7p)   Dinner Cruise: Dukes of Dixieland (7p)
Sweet Lorraine's Maurice Brown Quartet (9 & 11p)      
Tipitina's - French Quarter
Onsale @ tipitinas.com
   Krewe of Preservation:  Circus Mind w/Leo Nocentelli, Rebirth Brass Band, Moore & More, Porter/Vidacovich/Yamagishi (9p)
   Fog Fest: Mofro, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, The Legendary J.C.'s  (10p) Krewe of Fesshead: PBS, George Porter Jr. & the Pardners (11p)
Click for Advance Ticket Info
Tipitina's - Uptown
Onsale @ tipitinas.com
   The Radiators
(Private SNAFU Party)
The Radiators, Rebirth Brass Band (10p) Neville Brothers, Wild Magnolias (9p) Les Claypool Frog Brigade, Drums and Tuba, The World Accordian To (10p)
Tipitina's - Uptown (late nite)
Onsale @ tipitinas.com
   G Love & Special Sauce (sat 2 am) Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (sun 2am)
Tropical Isle (Bourbon)
Debi & the Deacons (9p-1a) Debi & the Deacons (9p-2a) Debi & the Deacons (9p-2a) Debi & the Deacons (9p-2a)
Tropical Isle (Toulouse)
Late as Usual (10p-2a) Brady Roberts (6-10p)
Late as Usual (10p - 2a)
Brady Roberts (6-10p)
Late as Usual (10p - 2a)
John Gros (10p-2a)
TwiRoPa Mills Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Hazy Malaze (10p)
onsale @ superflypresents.com
   Third World, Jimmy Dludlu & Ammamereso Agofomma (9p)
onsale @ ticketweb.com
     Nicholas Payton & Sonic Trance, Leo Nocentelli & Big Easy Allstars (8p)
onsale @ ticketweb.com
TwiRoPa Mills
Tchoupitoulas Room
onsale @ superflypresents.com
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Maktub (10p) Dirty Dozen Brass Band (10p) O.A.R., Gabe Dixon (8:45p)
Dirty Dozen Brass Band (10p)
TwiRoPa Mills  (late nite)
onsale @ superflypresents.com
Lettuce (fri am)      North Mississippi Allstars (sat 2am)   Soulive, Maktub (sun 2am)   
TwiRoPa Mills 
Tchoupitoulas Room
(late nite)
onsale @ superflypresents.com
Superjam:  Eric Krasno,  Ivan Neville, Fred Wesley, Bill Summers, Sam Kinninge, Ryan Zoidis, Neal Evans, Alan Evans (sat 2 am) Dirty Dozen Brass Band (sun 12:30 am)    
Vaughan's Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers (11p)         
Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center
1724 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
SECOND WEEKEND THU 5/01 FRI 5/02 SAT 5/03 SUN 5/04