Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2004

May 2, 2nd Sunday

A little rain makes the
Native American Village
look like a South Pacific
over-water bungalow

20040502 004.jpg (73554 bytes)

Walter "Wolfman" Washington
Acura Stage
20040502 013.jpg (55136 bytes)
Fess 20040502 018.jpg (39121 bytes)
Did I mention that it
rained all week?
20040502 023.jpg (74062 bytes)
Time for a Parade!

Scene Boosters,
New Orleans Men Buckjumpers
and Single Men SAPCs,
with the Lil Rascals Brass Band

20040502 030.jpg (57954 bytes)
Big Sam's Funky Nation
Congo Square Stage
20040502 032.jpg (61978 bytes)
Sometimes it's almost easier
to use a black highlighter
to cross out the stuff
you don't want to see.
20040502 042.jpg (76483 bytes)
Two Little Indians 20040502 049.jpg (67130 bytes)
"From the Church House
to the House of Blues", interviews at
the Allison Miner Music Heritage Stage

(left to right)
Veronica Downs Dorsey
Topsy Chapman
Diane Reeves
Juanita Brooks
Farah Griffin (moderator)

20040502 059.jpg (61783 bytes)
Smokey Robinson
Acura Stage
20040502 088.jpg (63472 bytes)
Los Hombres Calientes
Jazz Tent
20040502 100.jpg (67647 bytes)
Papa Grows Funk
Sprint Stage
20040502 102.jpg (60349 bytes)
Blues Tent blues-pan2-sm.jpg (27511 bytes)
Robert Cray,
Blues Tent
20040502 134.jpg (68064 bytes)
Sunshine, Finally! 20040502 103.jpg (67074 bytes)

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