Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2004

April 29, 2nd Thursday

The line for breakfast

20040429 001.jpg (58470 bytes)

with guest Stanton Moore on drums,
Sprint Stage
20040429 003.jpg (67389 bytes)
Have Soul, Will Travel,
Lagniappe Stage
20040429 042.jpg (61267 bytes)
Charmaine Neville,
Congo Square Stage
20040429 057.jpg (74237 bytes)
Hula Hoop Girls,
Congo Square Stage
20040429 060.jpg (63546 bytes)
A Second Line Parade
in the Economy Hall Tent
20040429 078.jpg (55646 bytes)
Tab Benoit, with
Big Chief Monk Boudreaux,
Blues Tent
20040429 091.jpg (69411 bytes)

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