Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2002

Day Two, Friday

2nd Friday Jazzfest Chat Board get-together.

From Left to Right:
Jada (blue dress)

CarolinaBeadHead (with mango freeze)
HockeyTom (Straw hat with black hatband)
Dcheezum (black tank top)
Raqssa (striped tank top)
Barry10016 (back row)
CarolinaBeadHead friend Ann (beer in cozy)

103-0344_IMG.JPG (60793 bytes)
Bruce Daigrepont, Fais Do Do Stage

103-0342_IMG.JPG (48684 bytes)

Ingrid Lucia, Economy Hall Tent 103-0356_IMG.JPG (47984 bytes)
Young Men 2 Old Men Legends, New Generation and Nandi Exclusive SAPCs with Real Untouchables Brass Band - Parade near the Grandstand 103-0367_IMG.JPG (76275 bytes)
A small second-liner. 103-0369_IMG.JPG (75003 bytes)
Bonnie Raitt on the big screen,
Acura Stage
103-0385_IMG.JPG (55469 bytes)
A few more head towards the Sprint Stage to see Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 103-0386_IMG.JPG (76998 bytes)

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