Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2002

Day One, Thursday

Let the Fest Begin!

103-0305_IMG.JPG (67421 bytes)

The Jazzfest chat board gang
poses for the Fais Do Do webcam.

From Left to Right:
Barry10016 (kneeling)

Rowan (pink shirt)
Shelley (behing Rowan)
Bill KC (holding beer cozy)
Rope (back row, hand raised)
ToledoJane (purple shirt)
Lil John & his wife Michelle
Festnut (in straw hat)
SaturnWreck (white hat, far right, ignoring us all)

KMRH (redhead in front of SaturnWreck)

102-0294_IMG.JPG (77169 bytes)
James Andrews with
Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews.
Blues Tent
102-0296_IMG.JPG (48857 bytes)
The Revealers,
Congo Square Stage
103-0315_IMG.JPG (67658 bytes)
Ralph Stanley & the
Clinch Mountain Boys,
Sprint Stage
103-0318_IMG.JPG (61130 bytes)
The Coolie Family,
Gospel Tent
103-0322_IMG.JPG (64108 bytes)
Delbert McClinton plays
the new Blues Tent
103-0323_IMG.JPG (72712 bytes)

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