Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2003

Earl King Second Line

New Orleans R&B songwriter and guitarist passed away on April 17th, 2003.   Services were held on April 30th at Gallier Hall, followed by a traditional New Orleans jazz funeral procession and second line to Congo Square at Armstrong Park.   Few of us out-of-towners ever get to experience or witness this uniquely New Orleans tradition.

Outside Gallier Hall, the crowd waits. Fest 03 171.jpg (108168 bytes)
The horse-drawn hearse.

Fest 03 167.jpg (112282 bytes)

The band plays a mournful dirge as the casket is brought out to the hearse. Fest 03 175.jpg (89094 bytes)
The second-line umbrellas come out as the procession begins. Fest 03 179.jpg (75661 bytes)
Mardi Gras Indian Fest 03 183.jpg (81938 bytes)
The procession stretches for blocks down Camp St. Fest 03 185.jpg (74688 bytes)
The limos follow the procession. Fest 03 189.jpg (59628 bytes)
On Rampart Street. Fest 03 194.jpg (83884 bytes)
Ernie K Doe won't let a little thing like being dead keep him from honoring Earl King Fest 03 204.jpg (52939 bytes)
Rest in peace, Earl. Fest 03 184.jpg (85478 bytes)

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