Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2000

Day Four, Sunday

Paulette Wright Davis
gets down, Gospel Tent
20_16a.jpg (30296 bytes)
A parade goes by
the Grandstand
19_15a.jpg (41827 bytes)
Bernard Allison Interview
Music Heritage Stage
18_14a.jpg (22429 bytes)
Charivari gets the
Fais Do-Do crowd
to dance up a storm
17_13a.jpg (51753 bytes)
Future members of the
Pet De Kat Krewe,
Economy Hall Tent

16_12b.jpg (47341 bytes)

Gotta dance, even if you
need a cane to do it.
Economy Hall
15_11a.jpg (25258 bytes)
Bernard Allison,
HOB Stage

14_10b.jpg (39817 bytes)

Bernard again, with the
top set of the weekend
13_09a.jpg (21865 bytes)
Bernard takes it down
into the crowd

12_08b.jpg (48887 bytes)

Pete Fountain, Jazz Tent 08_04b.jpg (38421 bytes)
John Mooney
and Bluesiana,
HOB Stage
04_01.jpg (28485 bytes)
Waiting for the
Neville Brothers,
Acura Stage
07_03a.jpg (61059 bytes)
The Neville Brothers,
closing out the Fest,
Acura Stage
05_02.jpg (37466 bytes)

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