Swag's Jazzfest Photos, 2000

Day Two, Friday

The Original Dixieland
Jazz Band,
Economy Hall Tent
23_19a.jpg (36884 bytes)
Jamal Batiste,
Fox Stage

19_15b.jpg (49006 bytes)

Jamal's Percussionist 21_17a.jpg (24664 bytes)
"Louisiana Legend"
Raful Neal, HOB Stage
13_09a.jpg (23274 bytes)
Jean Knight,
Congo Square Stage

11_07b.jpg (35148 bytes)

The New Orleans
Klezmer Allstars,
Lagniappe Stage
08_04a.jpg (25448 bytes)
Lyle Lovett and
special guest
Jimmy Buffett,
on the big screen,
Acura Stage
06_02a.jpg (30234 bytes)
Michael Ray &
The Cosmic Krewe,
HOB Stage
05_01a.jpg (45783 bytes)
The new Native
American Village,
in front of the Grandstand
04_0a.jpg (42639 bytes)
Seeking shelter
from the storm,
inside the Misting Tent (!)

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