Jazzfest Souvenir Info

Posters, and "How-ah-ya" (Hawaii style) Shirts:

Visit www.art4now.com

Also try ebay. Frequently, posters are listed there by private collectors.

All other souvenirs:

The Jazz and Heritage Festival has closed their online store, so other Jazzfest souvenirs are no longer available online.  The information below is pretty old (it even pre-dates the online store), but I've left it in case you're desparate and want to give them a try. But ebay remains your best bet.


The Festival T-shirt vendor is a local company called Southern Silk Screen.
5600 Jefferson Highway
W-4 Suite 112-122
Harahan, LA 70123
(504) 733-2395
FAX: (504) 733-2397

Baseball Hats:

The festival hats are manufactured by:
Creations of Art
2246 Florida Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70062
(504) 461-0409

Official Jazzfest Flags:

You can get the new flags from the Jazzfest store.  The old flags were sold at http://www.folkart.com/~latitude/flags/jazz.htm, but they were sold out, last I checked.  I've heard that if you want to order several, they'll consider reprinting them.  Contact them for details.

Official Jazzfest Lawn Chairs:

Contact Jeff Polke or Dan Grace at GCI Outdoor Chairs - 1-800-956-SEAT.


This page was updated on March 31, 2021