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Latest official info:


If you are interested in applying for a booth at the 2009 Festival, applications will be sent out in the fall, with a December deadline. Please contact the Crafts Dept. at:

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Attn: Crafts Dept.
336 Camp Street ste 250
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-4786
Email:  crafts@nojazzfest.com

For previous Fests, there was a $30 application fee.

Each year's event showcases five unique and broad-based craft areas:
Note - these email addresses are old and may not still be active. If you get no response, try the phone.

Congo Square African Marketplace: features unique, hand crafted art works that reflect cultural influences seen throughout theAfrican Diaspora. Presentations by artists and vendors resonate with the rich African-Caribbean cultural legacy in Congo Square. Congosquare@nojazzfest.com

Contemporary Crafts: presents work by some of the nation's most talented contemporary artists. It features original, hand created, one-of-a-kind designs and accepts applicants from all crafts media and disciplines. Contemporary@nojazzfest.com

Louisiana Marketplace: introduces fair-goers to a variety of works by only Louisiana artisans and craftspeople. The Marketplace showcases works that express aspects of the state's unique cultural heritage. Marketplace@nojazzfest.com

Native American Village: look into the diverse culture of our nation's native people. Artists from Louisiana and across the nation demonstrate and sell handmade works of their traditional and cultural crafts. Native@nojazzfest.com

Louisiana Folklife Tent: you can see musicians meticulously handcraft accordions and guitars, and papier mâché artists create whimsical sculptures for Mardi Gras floats. Watch as an Isleño woodcarver transforms indigenous cypress into lifelike reproductions of Louisiana waterfowl right before your eyes. These are only a few of the traditions featured in the Louisiana Folklife Tent that bear witness to our state's unique cultural history.


Mark Rosenbaum of Rosetree Blown Glass Studio, a veteran Contemporary Crafts vendor, offers this guidance for prospective vendors:

The Contemporary Crafts area of the Fest is a highly competitive area to get into. It has long been a very popular show for artists across the United States. With the benefits of great music and incredible food that Jazz Fest offers, who can argue with that! The range of artists is as wide and varied as the range of music. From eclectic to functional, affordable to pricey, local to national stars, you will find all of this there. All media is accepted, from blown glass, to jewelry, to sculpture made from vacuum parts.

Applications are accepted through the Zapplication program. See www.zapplication.org for instructions. The booth fee is on the high side and you are required to purchase liability insurance, and an occupational license if you are from out of town. All booths must be ADA accessible. Set-up is under large tents that fit eight 10x10' booths in each. If you are accepted, be prepared for all types of weather conditions and customers, but also bring a friend so you can walk around, and hear and taste what Jazz Fest has to offer.

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