Swag's Jazzfest Diaries

2001, Second Weekend

Swag's Best and Worst of Fest 2001...

Best Act Thursday: Irvin Mayfield
Runner up:  Dirty Dozen

Best Act Friday:  Paul Simon
Runner up:  Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indians

Best Act Saturday:  Batiste Brothers
Runner Up:  North Mississippi Allstars

Best Act Sunday:  Allen Toussaint
Runner Up:  John Mooney and Bluesiana

Best Day:  Sunday

Act it Killed Me to miss:  Rosie Ledet.  I was watching Aaron Neville in the Gospel Tent.

Most memorable Musical Moment: Aaron Neville joining Paul Simon for Bridge Over Troubled Water.  That song was just made for Aaron's voice, and where else but at Jazzfest would you get a duet like that?

Unexpectedly great Musical Moment:  Tambourine Lady's solo between sets at the Gospel tent.  I didn't know a tambourine could do that...

Worst Decision:  Venturing to the Acura Stage on Saturday.   Got trapped amonght the Dave Matthews Band hordes.

Best offer:  Instead of calling cabs for us, for the same $3 a head, our hotel bellman piled nine of us in the hotel van to take us to Fest Saturday.   As he's dropping us off, he tells us to just call his mobile at the end of the day and he'll come pick us up.  We called, he was waiting a block from the Gentilly entrance.  I hear the cab lines on Saturday hit two and a half hours.

Best Tip I ever gave:  That driver.

Best club show: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Sunday night at Howling Wolf.  That guy can play a little bit.
Runner up:  Wild Magnolias and Dirty Dozen at Tips French Quarter on Thursday.  Reprising last year's Daze party.

Most tired I've ever felt while dancing:  Dr. John at HOB late night Sunday.  I couldn't keep my eyes open, and yet the feet just kept moving.

Best Food I hadn't tried before:  Pheasant, quail, and andouille gumbo.
Runner up:  Nacadoches Meat Pie

Best Lagniappe I spotted:  Bright yellow "Gridded by Neen" button. 

Best Tip I got:  I ran into Kat Tim on Thursday (goatee not green that day).  He said I had to see Irvin Mayfield in the Jazz Tent:  "That guy can really play some horn".  Thanks, Tim.

Luckiest Kat Karma:  Hanging out at the back of the lawn during Wilson Pickett.  I look up, and who wanders up to chat with the folks in front of me but Big Chief Pony Dancer of the Pet de Kat Krewe himself.  We'd not met before, but he's pretty recognizable.  I introduced myself, and the lagniappe's came flying.  Buttons, balloons, stickers, and a personalized Kat membership card.  Thanks Joe.

Biggest gap between anecdote and truth:  "Did you hear about Joe?  He was drinking and dancing on a chair at the Daze party, fell off and broke his leg".  From Joe: "I was taking down a banner afterwards and the chair slipped."  His ankle was wrapped but he was walking on it.

Worst Case of not listening to the lyrics: Two ladies quarreling over a newly vacated chair in the Gospel Tent, as Aaron Neville sang "What would Jesus Do?" 

Best Kat meeting:  Wandering on the track, a pretty lady asks if she can ask me something.  Sure!  "Are you Swag?"  It was TXMLF, and she'd recognized me from my picture on my FAQ page.  Very cool.

Best "Official Board" meeting:  Chatting with a lady at the big stage after DMB.  Turns out it was Beergal.

Nicest Compliment for my web page: 
My buddy's cousin came to Fest for the first time.  My buddy relates this conversation from the Fairgrounds:
"Your friend Swag, does he have a web page?"
"We planned our whole trip based on that site!"

When the cousin's friend heard that my buddy knew me:
"You mean there really is a Swag?  We thought he was just a legend".

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